Cleaning Chemical

Cleaning chemical is an essential item to keep all your cleaning works smooth and quick! Our cleaning chemical supplies cover from floor care, hand surface care, hand and body care, car care to specialty products chemical and stewarding care. We specialized in manufacturing cleaning chemicals for use in toilets, workshops, offices, complexes, kitchens and other industrial settings. In other words, we offer wide selection of wholesale cleaning supplies to residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

Waste Bin

A proper rubbish bin is needed for every sector to handle all the waste to ensure a hygienic environment. Our extensive range of rubbish bins includes stainless steel, metal, polyethylene, recycling and many more. They are designed in different shapes and sizes to fit all kinds of applications and places like bathrooms, kitchens, offices and certain public areas. Our products help to keep your place clean and free from unpleasant smells.

Washroom Equipment & Supplies

Washroom equipment that we provide are always at affordable rate and top quality. They help to meet the diverse needs of washrooms in all types of buildings such as hotels, offices, restaurants, schools and many more. We provide different types of dispenser including tissue dispenser, soap dispenser and air freshener dispenser. Our tissue dispensers are available in a variety of sizes and design to suit any washroom environment. They are made not only good in appearance but also able to dispense tissues in a more effective way. Also, they are come in either stainless steel or plastic to accommodate different types of tissues like jumbo roll, hand towel, hand roll, etc. You can easily purchase both the tissue dispensers and tissues from our store.